How to fit a Wintec Half Riser Comfort Pad image

Time for Wintec Half Riser Comfort Pads!

That's right, it only lifts the half of the saddle that needs it, and keeps you nice and close throughout the rest of the saddle. The other mega bonus is that these half comfort pads can clip into the middle of your saddle for ease of use. 

These comfort pads were dreamt up to be a game-changer for horse-lovers without adjustable saddles. And if you have an adjustable saddle or a saddle with HART, Wintec Half Riser Comfort Pads are a quick solution while you wait to see your saddle fitter.

Because these pads do not add extra bulk, many saddle fitters such as Liz, below, recommend these external pads for riders using saddles on multiple horses or when the saddle is unable to be adjusted internally. 

With the steps below, you can achieve lift where you need it most without adding bulk where you need it least so you can continue to ride wherever you dare!

Step 1: prepare your saddle

Gently lay your saddle upside down on a super-soft, cushioned surface to keep it scratch-free. We've used a Wintec 2000 All Purpose in our pictures, and a Wintec 500 All Purpose in the video. 

Step two: prepare your riser

Place your half-riser in the chamber (also called channel, it's the space in the middle of the underside of your saddle). You will use either a front or a rear half riser, depending on where you need the lift. 

Step three: connect your riser to your saddle

Delicately slide those tabs into the snug spot between the panel and the tree to secure it in place. Your Wintec Half Riser Comfort Pad should now be in its prime position for maximum comfort!

Fun fact: Let comfort reign supreme by making sure your Wintec Half Riser Comfort Pad reaches out beyond the saddle panel to gradually taper off the pressure. This way, we’re saying bye-bye to any pesky pressure points!

How to remove the riser pad

The Wintec Half Riser Comfort Pad sticks around even when you’re taking your saddle off. Once it’s in place, it’s like having a secret comfort agent by your side – barely noticeable, but oh-so-wonderful.

If you’d like to remove the Wintec Half Riser Comfort Pad, be careful to release the tabs from between the panel before removing the pad itself.

Our recommendations for happy, comfy riding

  • It is always recommended that you use a saddle cloth underneath any Wintec Comfort Pads.
  • The Wintec Half Riser Comfort Pads are designed to stick it and forget it – frequent removal is not advised.
  • To give your Wintec Comfort Pad a spa day, simply wash with soap and water only. No fancy chemicals needed!

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